Woodland Sampler Progress

Woodland Sampler Progress

Boy, I started writing this Monday night but never posted. I am just going to start over since it was mostly nonsense anyway.

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday! Yay! We didn’t really do much we worked all day and then when he got home he wanted to work on his taxes. After that I started on dinner which ended up being a multicultural feast, haha. Homemade chili cheese fries, potato and cheddar pierogies and flounder with onions, shallots, mushrooms and teriyaki sauce. Was too filling.

I’ve been able to get in anywhere from 2-4 hours of stitching a night – and even though all that time has been invested it doesn’t look like I got too far haha. I ordered a replacement thread for the original white (bright white) for the snow – so instead of bright white I’m using the dmc light effects white that is a sparkly type of white.

Anyway, since my last post these are the photos of the end of each night’s work:

Woodland Sampler Day 2

End of second day

Woodland Sampler Day 3

Day three progress!

Woodland Sampler Day 4

Fourth day progress

Woodland Sampler Day 5

Not too much progress this night – I think I had a touch of food posioning

Woodland Day 6

This is when I ended last night. These haven’t been consecutive days stitching, but almost!! I think I missed one or two days 🙂 I know it doesn’t look straight, but I assure you it is – it’s just stretched out in the frame!

Woodland Sampler January close up

Close up of just Jan’s progress. I’m waiting for my sparkly white thread, and I need to backstitch yet

Woodland Sampler February close up

This is when I ended last night on Feb. Gotta finish off the details. Love this project SO much!

I’ve been so entranced with this project I have neglected all my other WIPs. What little time I have I have been dedicating to this because I am having such a good time working on it!

I had a nightmare last night about it though – I dreamt that I didn’t stitch February tight enough and all my stitches fell out. It was horrible. Eesh.

I’ve planned on turning a portion of our bedroom into my “craft zone”. I need to get a table and some shelving units (or have the husband make some). I’m gonna place my sewing machine there and work on some projects I have been planning – mostly some quilted baby bibs and receiving blankets as well as some baby quilts and wall hangings I’ve had my eyes on. I also seen a cool “jelly roll race” quilt top that you can make in a less than an hour, so I may try that out too!

Ack, work is calling with some urgent emails. Been super busy lately (which is why no posts, limited stitching!). Well, that’s the end of my afternoon “me” time. So long for now!


  1. I saw that you’re a follower on my blog so I thought I’d pop over and say “hi”.

    You’ve made some nice progress on Woodland Sampler. I can’t say that I’ve had any xs dreams. You must be really worried about your piece. 🙂

    • Thank you! I think I stressed myself out to the point where I was thinking about it even in my sleep!


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