Time is moving so slow

Time is moving so slow

I quit smoking Monday night. About 11:30pm I smoked my last two cigarettes, and then went to bed. I haven’t smoked since, not even smoking me e-cigs. I think about it often, but I’ve managed to not get TOO anxious, and haven’t failed yet. I’m pretty hopeful. But, it seems suddenly time is moving SO slow. I wonder if it’s because I’m not taking smoke breaks anymore, or if this is a side-effect of withdrawal or what.

As a reward I asked the hubby to bring me home one of those new dollar menu burgers from Burger King. He brought home two. I was seriously disappointed. I ate the Rodeo burger last night and basically it was a teeny, tiny patty smother in BBQ sauce. No cheese. And the burger was so small! I was basically eating a BBQ sauce sandwich. Gross. Today, I heated up the other burger he got me. The “fry” burger. Again, seriously disappointed. Look at this mess:

Burger King Fry Burger

How sad. What a MESS!

Ok, so first of all there were THREE fries on this burger. No cheese. And it was sloppy! No good. Burger King, you need to up your game! I could go to McDonald’s get a dollar CHEESEBURGER and a dollar fries and make something way better looking than that. I’m just saying!

Anyway, I’m taking a quick break from work. I got a bit more of the bib done last night. Almost finished with his big nose. Can’t wait to move on to something else. I’m bored of this (even though I love the colors), and I keep managing to poke myself. You would think after all these years I’d manage NOT to do that anymore.

Hippo Baby Bib - Cross Stitch

Almost finished with his big schnoz!

I got so excited when I seen the Fed Ex man pull in a little while ago. Thought he was bringing my JoAnn order with my new lap frame. But, that isn’t what he brought! It was my Diamond Candles order. Yay!

Diamond Candles Score!

Scents are Desire, Cupcake and Watermelon Wedge

I also got one other, “It’s a Girl” for my brother’s fiance for her baby shower. Not sure what it smells like though. I got all the lady’s this candles for Christmas as well. We got some sweet rings! It’s like finding the toy in the cereal, for adult women, lol.

Well, back to work! Gonna put the baby down for her nap, and enjoy the peace (for the moment) when everyone is resting and at school!

Sleepy pitbull, jack russel and kitty!

Sleeping in the sun!

That (from left to right) my cat Jinx, “Lil Dog”, and my baby Scotch. Hex (my other cat – all grey) is MIA 🙂

Back to work I go. Need to work on so many things! Eeesh.

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