Meh, day.

Meh, day.

I’m not having the best of days. I feel agitated and irritated by almost everything today. Not sure why. Perhaps it’s the change of weather. I can’t be tired, I slept long and well last night. I’m not under any particular amount of stress from work… Just one of them days I suppose.

Worked on the project I mentioned for the new client for a bit yesterday. Came up with this:

Gallery Opening Website

Simple, bold design for an art gallery opening. Changed all “real” info so I didn’t give away an info 🙂

Worked on two of my projects last night. Snoopy/Charlie Brown and “Bless this Nest” and WIP/UFO I found when going through my stash. Bless this Net is a seriously complicated little kit. Lots of fractionals, color changes, and specialty stitches. I think it’s going to be gorgeous when finished though!

So, on Snoopy – I finished his body and started Charlie’s head:

Snoopy Charlie Brown Cross Stitch

Nearly done! Just need to do Charlie and Snoopy’s ear, nose and collar, than back stitching.

And this just about where “Bless this Nest” was at when I started- well it only had 14 half cross stitches – I forgot to snap a pic before my needle hit the aida!:

Bless this Nest Cross Stitch

Starting off! I had only stitched 14 half cross stitches when I picked this one up again!

And my ending point for the night:

Bless this Nest Cross Stitch

My progress for the night of 1/19/14

Won’t be able to get into stitch mode until much later tonight. Worked all day, and still have several things left on my plate before I can officially “relax”. Meh.

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