Another snow day…

Boy, do these kids have it easy these days. Two out of the four school-aged kids had off today because of an unexpected bit of snow we got last night. Weathermen called for a “dusting”, but of course we woke up to about a good 4 inches. My youngest and oldest (that are in school) had a two hour delay. The other two had ANOTHER day off. I mean they just had off Tuesday because it was “too cold”(!!) and then a two hour delay on Weds (also due to the cold. And now today – and the roads were just fine by the time the two hour delay was up.

Oh well.

Spent most of the day working on finishing this website that need a video carousel, photo slideshow and a ton of content. Blah. Then worked on a bunch of Internet Explorer bugs. My arm is killing me. It’s been rubbing on the edge of my desk for a few hours now. I need to make some sort of cushion or something to prevent this.

Day four and still no smoking. I’m so proud of myself. The ultimate test was last night when me and Billy went out to dinner and had some drinks – and I, of course, had a fleeting urge to smoke – but I didn’t! Kind of empowering. Had a delicious Portabella Burger last night. The food was excellent and it was open mic night so we got to hear some pretty talented “normal” folks.

We ended up at the race track by the end of the night and played the machines for a little while. I ended up $25 in the hole (I would win, lose, win, lose) – I gave up. Bill on the other hand started out with $5 and left with over $200. Every single time we go in he manages to win at least $50 bucks. Oh well. Good for him. 😀

So I wanted to run out to the closest “city” to hear to hit up Michaels, AC Moore, JoAnne’s and Hobby Lobby to see what kinda stuff they have in stock. I heard on a message board and on the I Cross Stitch and I’m not Ashamed facebook group that most shops are cutting down or completely getting rid of their cross stitch sections. That would make me SO sad. I mean I know I can order online, but it’s always fun to run into the store and check out the items they have. 😐 I really wanted to go because if that is true, they probably have some nice discounts/clearance happening and I could get some for my stash. Unfortunately the weather service has issued a freezing rain/icy roads warning… so that won’t be happening. Maybe Sunday.

I seen two projects I’d like to start this year though. 99 and really any of the projects from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I need to get in gear and get the bibs finished and at least one of my WIPs from the Turtle Trot.

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