So, I was always one to claim I lived a life with “no regrets”.

I was full of shit. And, at this point I’d call out anyone who said they didn’t regret at least one thing in their entire life. There are always regrets. Missed opportunities and bad choices being the top contenders.

I have regrets, many of them. Some are small, some are very large.

That being said – I don’t live with a heart full of regret and sadness. I don’t focus on my bad decisions every day. When an opportunity comes along that I cannot take because of a bad choice made in my younger years it hits me in the face full force once again. I move on, keep plugging along knowing I can’t change the past.

I’ll probably make more mistakes in the future and accrue some more regrets but I will learn from them and hopefully grow wiser, more patient and become a better person in the end.

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