I am a moron

I am a moron

I can not believe what I did last night. My Charlie Brown piece is almost done. I needed to do Snoopy’s nose and then the back stitching for the grass and black around the characters… And of course after I placed my lap frame on the floor to get a drink I managed to knock my drink over as soon as I placed it on the stand next to my couch and it splashed ALL OVER the white aida. I sprayed it with stainer removed and washed it on delicate. It looks like it shrunk a bit, but it’s hard to tell I have to iron it out and put it back in the frame to finish off the final touches, but I am devastated.

This was the piece before my idiocy occurred:

Charlie Brown Cross Stitch

Charlie Brown cross stitch almost completed before I basically ruined it with my butter fingers 🙁

I honest just want to die thinking about it. My husband saw the piece sitting out drying this morning and very nicely asked me, ooooph what happened? 🙁

On a happy note one of my packages arrived from 123stitch yesterday. My fabric for the Woodland Sampler arrived, as well as the threads! So, as soon as I get Charlie finished I’m going to start that. And then soon enough it will be time to start on the AAN Mystery Sampler (we get the patterns on the 10th of Feb!). I really hope my fabrics I ordered from Steph’s Fabby’s arrives by then. If not, oh well I still have some coming from Picture this Plus. We will have to see! Both of these projects will be my first on anything but aida, and I am SO excited.

Of course I left the box on the barstool downstairs to wait until I was done working to unpack, and my big boy decided it was the optimal sleep spot.

Hex Box

Hex, in a box, as per usual.

Anyway, I got my fabric and floss and some grime covers for my Q-snaps. ANNNND another new pattern and some Wee-Works threads. Eeeep. I’m slipping.

Oh, well, I have an excuse! I haven’t smoked since Jan 6th at 11:30pm – so these things are my rewards. If I was smoking I probably would have spent more money on my cigarettes than I have spent on my cross-stitch stuff, anyway, haha.

Also have new goals. I want to loose about 20lbs (or more!) by April. That’s when we will be in Florida for spring break and dammit I want to be comfortable on the beach – and actually just in general. I’ve been working out every day, and trying to eat healthier (even though I don’t particularly think I eat too bad to begin with – aside from my massive cheese addiction). I booked the house we will be staying at already. Usually we wait to last minute and end up with some not so hot choices. This house is right near the beach, and has a pool. Holla!

I can’t wait for the warm, the sun, the sand… gosh I can’t wait until we move down there. I can’t take New York anymore. The cold, the snow, the heating costs and chore of chopping wood/maintaing a wood stove. I know it’s a trade-off with the bugs and lizards and possible hurricanes – but hell – the past few years here in NY we have been hit very hard with some nasty hurricanes, so that’s nothing new. Five-ten year plan. Hopefully sooner rather than later! Plus people are just nicer down there. I hate New York at this point. The only thing keeping me here is my kids and my parents.

Anyway, back to work for a few more hours and then relax time!


  1. Congratulations on quitting smoking!! 🙂

    Years ago, my niece spilled Coke on one of my pieces. I just used water and Dawn and rinsed really well. I’ve also had luck in getting stains out by soaking the piece in a shallow dish with one or two denture tablets. Glad disaster was averted.

    • Thank you! It’s been 34 days and I am so happy I’m over all the withdrawal stuff and feel great now!


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