Treehouse of Whores

I had to spend the better part of an hour yesterday teaching my four and six year olds how to pronounce “horror”.

Riding home from a delicious dinner at a local Chinese buffet (no, seriously, the food is really good there!), I hear my kids chatting away in the back, when suddenly I hear “whores” repeated over and over and over again.

“Guys, stop, that’s a bad word,” I yell at them.

“What? It’s on The Simpsons,” six year old Winter tells me.

Oh. Treehouse of Horrors… OK! I did think it was quite an early age from my kids to be going on about whores…

“Treehouse of HOR-ROARS you mean,” I reply.

“That’s what we said, duh,” from four year old Isaiah.


Husband chimes in and tries to get them to pronounce it “HAR-ROARS”, so no confusion may happen should this topic come up again in public. I try to explain to him that teaching them to pronounce something incorrect to fix and incorrect pronunciation doesn’t really work… and probably will confuse all of us in the long run. Ah, I always have to have it my way, don’t I?

Kids give it a brief try, then proceed to ignore us and once again and I’m learning all about the “Treehouse of Whores“. I don’t know, I kind of like it. Many giggles were had last night. ┬áMany indeed.

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