Stitching Database, new start

So, in all my excitement of my son’s birthday and finishing off “May All Your Days”, I managed to get a ton of work done yesterday. Today though is a tad bit on the slow side. I have got to send out some emails, and check up on two “bugs” on some sites we are doing maintenance on to see if I can trouble shoot and fix. Tomorrow I’ve got a conference call for a new project kick off. Have two more projects starting by the end of the month as well. Hopefully I be able to budget my time correctly so I can have at least an hour or two each night to keep up on my new projects.

AND, I also decided to go through my stash yesterday. I really wanted to kind of take note of what I have so I can decide on future projects – and also take inventory so I don’t purchase something I already have. So, my idea was to take photos of what I had so I could later on write down the kit/pattern names. Well, I am quite shocked at myself.

I knew I had a ton of kits. I knew it. I was a little ashamed of it. What I didn’t realize who how deep my stash really was. I have over 155 items. Most are kits. 😐 This isn’t even counting my magazine, fabrics and other stitch-y items. I’ll never in all my days be able to complete all of these! 😀 I sure can try though, can’t I? Hopefully one or both of my girls will be into it and I can pass them down.

So when I realized exactly how much I had I knew I was going to have to do a little more than write down the names on a piece of paper. I decided to apply my work skills into a little personal project. I’ve started a database locally on my computer where not only does it have the names and photos of the items I own – but I am also going to categorize it by Brand, Type, series, etc. I’m also going to set it up so I can mark it as complete and put it in some type of “archive”. I’m a total dork 🙂

But, aside from clearance items and/or if it really catches my eye I am going to try to not purchase too many kits anymore. Patterns, yes 😉

I feel like I have so much to do, although the few tasks I have for work aren’t that bad… well off to work I go…

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  1. That’s what I need! I database with photos. I have way too much xs stuff.


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