What a long weekend!

What a long weekend!

Finished the hippo bib yesterday! So happy.

Finished cross stitch hippo bib

The hippo bib has been completed!


I did make a few mistakes, but I know the person I am giving it too probably will not notice. For one, the blue bird on the top of the monkey’s head is supposed to have a lighter belly. I was engrossed in some TV show when I did that and didn’t realize until the next day that I messed it up. Also, the monkey’s mouth is supposed to be backstitched in 1 strand, and I used two. The last white stripe using the stem stitch also started out rocky because I was once again distracted. But, all in all it looks great. Can’t wait to attach some backing to it and put it away.

I immediately jumped into the “May all of your days” WIP for my turtle trot. Just tried taking a photo of my progress, but of course my lame phone has to die. I’ve gotten half of the umbrella finished now – the lighter color, just started the darker blue for the umbrella. After that onto the roses and the backstitching. Can’t believe I have drug this kit around with me for over 15 years, and never finished it! Amazing.

We did end up taking the drive over to my friends house for her birthday shindig. Had a ton of fun. We stayed a bit longer than we wanted to, but it was worth it! Although I was exhausted today.

I broke my New Years resolution and purchased some more cross stitch-y stuff. But I have an excuse! JoAnn’s had an Ottlite set for only $99! For a floor lamp and a table lamp. I also got one more piece for my stash – “Happily Ever After” by Dimensions – because I seen it completed on either facebook or someone else’s blog and thought it was just SO beautiful. That photo on JoAnn’s doesn’t do it any justice. I am going to do it for myself.

Diamond Candle Ring from "Desire"

The ring I got from “Desire”.

I burned down one of my new diamond candles (it’s almost finished : ( ) and got my new ring out! It’s pretty, but definitely not real. This came out of the “Desire” candle – a new scent. I posted a photo of it the other day – it’s a white candle and it is my most favorite scent so far. It smells almost like a cologne. If you ever had the black ice tree air freshner for your car you’d recognize it as being a similar scent.

Boy, I just realized how ragged my nails look!

I was starving before. Well, actually I’m still pretty hungry, but I’m about to go to bed. I started Weight Watchers this weekend to help me get off these last 20lbs I haven’t been able to get rid of on my own. Ok, so I lost the weight, but put a bunch on because I’m addicted to cheese. God, I never realized how bad it was for you. I don’t really drink too much soda anymore, so that isn’t an issue. I’m SO hungry. We’ll see how this goes. I guess I have to relearn how not to snack at night! Or at least just snack on fresh veggies and fruit. Got to stock up that is for sure!

Day six with no smoking. Amazing! Ok, so I’m fibbing I did have like 3/4 smokes last night, but it was hardly enjoyable. And I still feel no need or desire to smoke, so I’m not counting those “social” smokes. I can’t believe how well I am doing. I’m really proud of myself.

Well, I’m off to dreamland. School week begins again tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations on your finish. Don’t worry about the mistakes, noone except you will notice. Quitting smoking usually brings out the appetite , so no surprise there 🙂 Keep strong!

    • Thanks so much!! I just got to my second finish! Quitting (although I have done several – successful – times before seems always to be the most hardest thing to start and stick with! Hope we all meet our goals this year! Got a good feeling (so far!)!


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