Twitchy Eye

So, it’s not technically a work day, but I’ve been experiencing post-“work” side effects. It has been over 10 days since my eye started twitching. Not the corner of your eyelid twitch that goes away in a few minutes, which at this point I’d take and accept as some sort of blessing from above.

At this point my right eye has been experiencing a recurrent “twitch”. I can see it in the mirror, but not every time. Sometimes it just feels like my eye is bubbling (like extra air). At this point I’m begging for it to stop! It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t cause me interruptions in my work, but it is driving me crazy!

Luckily I have a few friends in the  nursing profession who provided me with a few suggestions:

  • Damp cold cloth – hold wet/damp cold cloth to closed eye for 30+ minutes
  • No screen time – try not to engage in any screen time for 24 to 48 hours (tv, phone, computer, etc)
  • Sleep – MOAR SLEEP.
  • Dehydration – drink more water
  • Stress – Ummm, relax?

So, I did what I could to accomplish all the goals above, but unfortunately nothing has worked for me at this point. I’m not stresssed (emotionally or physicaly at this point). Cold compress, check! No screen time? Well this is my first extended time in 48 hours! So… winning? Ok, so not perfect, but better than 12+ hours a day, right?

Sleep? Well, I get about 7-8+ a night so I’m not lacking there… Dehydration? I consume water like its going out of style, so that isn’t an issue either.

Stress? Well, I have my days as do we all. But recently I’ve been pretty good!

So, what’s left? A good point was made by my husband and reiterated by a registered nuse:

Husband (2 weeks ago): Put a cold compress on it! It’ll eventually go away. Try not to worry about it so much. Happened to me, just take it easy, eventually it will go away!

I ignored his advice. I mean he is my husband, what does he know…

And, of course I see this today from a friend who is a nurse:

Your eye muscle is stressed not you physically. I work on computers too, happens time to time and can last weeks. Especially with computer work. Eye MD will probably tell you nothing aside from what I just said; Unless your vision has changed in one eye… Should go away in time. No biggy just really annoying for you.

Well, since I just got my prescription for contacts and my glasses updated in March I’m assuming nothing has changed that drastically. I guess it is something I will just keep living with for now. It’s just annoying at this point (especially since my husband was right, GRR),

If you have been experiencing long term eye twitching when working on the computer it seems to be from over use and the best solution is to try to decrease any screen time and power through it! IF I find a solution BELIEVE I will share it with everyone!

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