Here we go again

Here we go again

So, another year gone by. Another sad attempt at keeping up with blogging and another miserable failure.

And no, I haven’t returned because it’s my New Year’s resolution. I just have been thinking about it a lot lately. I always think back to my younger years when journaling and writing were such an outlet. Somewhere along the way life became too busy, I became too distracted; I just didn’t care to write anymore.

I can’t believe I spent almost 5 years of my life writing just about daily, sometimes 3-4 times a day when on livejournal. I guess the community and friendships kept me involved, but livejournal is pretty much a graveyard these days. Or maybe I’m just too old. Hahaha.

I do have some “resolutions” this year. More like life-style changes. I will definitely quit smoking again. And stay quit. I’m eating better (that started a while back). I’m not going to be a hermit anymore. If I have the opportunity to get out of the house (when I don’t have to work), I’ll take it. I’m going to craft a whole lot more. I’m going to get back into design work and pull my head out of so much dev work. I’m going to make a quilt this year. Me and Winter are going to start a blog. I’m going to get Mase into baseball. Going to get Zay into football. Sesaly into dance. I’m definitely going to read 50 books this year.

When I’ll find the time to do all this, I don’t know. But I will be taking it one day at a time.

I also will not punish myself for failing any of these tasks. I will not feel guilty. I will shrug and move along. That’s life.

I will start a BAP this year. I have a lovely Mirabella I’ve been dying to try, but too scared to start. I’m involved in several SALs this year. I will try to keep up. 😉

I also read an inspiring post this year about a friend who quit drinking at any place, any time. Usually when we are out with friends, holidays, BBQs, etc, we’ll have some drinks. My friend had said he didn’t quit drinking because he was an alcoholic or really even a binge drinker, but he made such a valid point – he wants to enjoy the moment totally sober, no chance of forgetting the fun memories he’s building with his friends, family, etc. I wish I could find it because it was so profound and made so much sense. Why alter yourself to have “fun”. Why wake up with possible regrets or missing memories? So, I’m not going to drink anymore. I want to be present every moment of every day and claim my memories.

This year I am going to do my best. I’m not going to fall into complacency anymore. I’m going to work hard and play harder. I’m going to make the time I have left on this earth matter. Even if it only matters to me and my family.

I’m going to start going to the doctor like I should be. The dentist too, although that is going to take some serious courage.

I’m going to do my best to keep my promises.

I’m going to spoil myself, but not unless I know I have earned it. I’m not going to buy stuff and do things just because I can. I will have goals and I will complete them. Or, better said I will try my damnedest to do so.

2014 wasn’t my best year. But a lot of wonderful things happened. I gained a new niece. My kids are all together all the time. I was hired full-time for a company I’ve worked with for years and love. I finished my largest cross stitch project yet. I learned to stitch on fabrics other than Aida! I bought a floor stand. We enjoyed vacationing in Florida once again. A negative person removed themselves from my life. I learned to use a sewing machine I had squirreled away for years! We had the best holiday season by far with our friends and family.

It wasn’t my best, but wasn’t my worst. I don’t want another midline year. I want each year to be better and better. I want to look back and be as proud as I can be of my life, and the example I have set for my kids.

And for fun, I finished my Woodland Sampler on December 18th!

I’ve also started Clouds Factory’s Magical Creature Calendar from last year’s SAL!


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