Dance my tush off!

Dance my tush off!

My order of Just Dance 2015 came today! I’m so happy. We spent an hour and half playing this evening. So much fun, and oh boy did I sweat, haha.

It’s freezing out. Already got a call from the kid’s school that there is a 2 hour delay tomorrow. So happy to be able to sleep in! Not so happy that the cold will possibly freeze a limb out. It’s about 0 out now… predictions are wind chills between -12 to -40 below.


Worked hard the last two days. So much to do. Website due to launch on the 14th. Eeep! Got send over a million quick-fix small bug tickets today to clean up. Got through a lot, but most will need to be done tomorrow morning.

Another bit of exciting news – I will be able to travel down to Virginia to meet my co-workers at the end of this month! I’ll be in VA for about 4 days. Too awesome. Can’t wait. Also spectacularly nervous.

Watching American Horror Story with the husband right now. Eeesh. I’m not sure if I like or loathe this season. Some parts are amazing and super scary. Other’s are just cringe-worthy and dare I say… boring. I don’t know if they can ever top the first and second season, but they are trying hard with the shock value. Maybe the whole “freak show” concept isn’t my cup of tea. Although I do love Circus/Oddity stories. Last year I read both “Night Circus” (can’t remember the author off the top of my head) and “The Museum of Extraordinary Things” by Alice Hoffman- which were amazing. Maybe the written word will always top someone’s visual interpretation.

Currently trying to get into Jodi Picoult’s new one. “Leaving Time”, but I’m having a hard time. Not the books fault. I’m just too busy with other things to focus on reading. 😐

I’ve got a ton of projects going on. My “downstairs” cross stitch project is the Magical Creatures stitch-a-long from last year by Clouds Factory. Upstairs is a Forever Friends piece called “Best Friends”. Then this weekend I have two table runners to piece and quilt up. One for my aunt and uncle and one for my brother and his wife. Eeeep!

Oh, yeah, plus work! 😀 It’s a never ending battle keeping up in this industry. Sometimes I feel like I’m too old to keep up, to complacent to learn new things or just not bright enough.

None of which are true, but you know – that self doubt always exists in the things we love.

I got some new stash pieces. I ended up giving in and buying a set of four kits I’ve been eyeballing for years. Amazon had them for super cheap, so I just went for it. Two have already arrived:



The Janlynn Season samplers! I got all four! Winter and Spring arrived. Summer and Fall should be here tomorrow! Schweeeet!

I’m not a cross-stitch snob. I’ll stitch kits, patterns, on Aida, linen, etc. Whatever I like, it will end up happening (and by happening I mean I’ll obtain it. Finding the time to stitch it is a whole ‘nother animal!). And these sampler kits have been calling my name for years and years. I just love them so much. So glad I’ll finally have the whole set, and hopefully one day I’ll have the time to stitch all four and hang them, possibly passing them down to my kids when they grow up. Hopefully they will have some respect for the work I do. Not that they don’t now, but they are just to young at the moment

Well, I finally made an appointment for myself for the endocrinologist today after basically hiding from the issue for almost two years. I have to get the nodules in my thyroid biopsied, but after my last ultrasound nearly two years ago I’m gonna have to start from the beginning again. I know it’s gotten worse, but I’m dreading the whole process. But, like I said I’m starting to put myself first and this is the first step I need to take to make sure I’m healthy and happy.

Anyway, it’s late. Maybe, since it’s a two hour delay tomorrow, I’ll spend an hour stitching before bed… 😀

Oh, and my progress from last night on the Magical Creatures Calendar by Clouds Factory!

Clouds Factory Magical Calendar - Almost done with April!

Clouds Factory Magical Calendar – Almost done with April!

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