Cross Stitch “Turtle Trot” Stitch-a-Long 2014

Cross Stitch “Turtle Trot” Stitch-a-Long 2014

A lot of people don’t know that aside from being an extremely busy mom, and super overwhelmed web developer (and occasional designer) – I am pretty into cross stitching. Well, into lots of crafty things, but mostly cross stitch and occasionally quilting. I’m also a total video game freak, but that’s a whole different discussion.

So, I saw this cool premise on another blog where you post photos of your old WIPs/UFOs (they said 10, but I only have 7 WIPs, but I’m sure I’ll be starting plenty as the year goes by) and then once a month you post your progress on those projects. It’s called a Turtle Trot, aptly named methinks.

Last year I only had 3 finishes (not counting some silly small ornaments). And the ones I finished weren’t that impressive. Basically I spent the summer working on them, and by the summer I mean a portion of July and August, and then got super busy again and dropped all my projects. Another major reason for my lack of stitching is for quite a while I was having serious pain in my wrists/thumbs from too much repetitive motion between the stitching and the typing I do all day.

But, all that aside – I’ve decided this will be a great way to keep progress of my stitching, finishing projects – and to get me back into blogging again.

I typically blog in my livejournal (started in 2002), but I’m SO over that service (or lack thereof). So, I decided I should utilize my personal domain for something other than collecting virtual dust!

So, I’ll be honest – it’s been quite a long time I’ve participated in any real online communities… probably since 2006/7. I used to love interacting online with many different communities (mostly communities of interests within livejournal) and then some forums outside. But, I tired of the increasing online drama (I had enough real life drama!), and just didn’t have an free time to dedicate outside of my growing family.

I still don’t have much free time. But, let’s see where this goes!

So to begin, these were my three finishes from last year:

Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh

Eeyore Cross Stitch

Winnie the Pooh Cross Stitch

Winnie the Pooh Cross Stitch

Funshine Care Bear Sledding

For my 7 (soon to be 8!) year old daughter – Funshine Care Bear Sledding

So sad. 🙁

Now, for my WIPs for 2014 (and the story behind some of them)!

UFO - Jiffy Kit "May All of Your Days" - Cross Stitch

UFO – Jiffy Kit “May All of Your Days”

I started this kit when I was 16 years old! Sadly, I am now being catapulted much faster than I would like to 31! Wow. 15 years. My interest in those years was always there, but I was better doing smaller ornament projects. This was my very first fill kit that was bigger than 3″x3″ I believe. I worked really hard on this, and I’m not entirely sure why I stopped. I assume I either mis-counted and got discouraged, or life in general came along. I swear if this is the only thing I finish this year I’ll be happy.


UFO - Snoopy and Charlie Brown - Cross Stitch

UFO – Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Another start from my teenage years – probably about the same time. I had very little funds, so scoring a new kit was extremely exciting. Once again cannot remember why I stopped, but I definitely want to get this one finished this year – my hubby is a huge Charlie Brown fan!

UFO - Precious Moments Friendship Bear - Cross Stitch

UFO – Precious Moments Friendship Bear – Cross Stitch

This was something I started again as a teen – late 17 or 18. I stopped because my friend and I no longer were speaking… But, as life goes on you learn what is important, and thankfully we made up after 5 years of not speaking (that was also many years ago!). I plan on one day finally finishing it and giving it her!

UFO - Forever Friends - Best Friends - Cross Stitch

UFO – Forever Friends – Best Friends – Cross Stitch

I started this in September of last year, but stopped after getting swamped with work. I love these bears, definitely going to get this one done this year.

UFO - Grandparents - Cross Stitch

UFO – Grandparents – Cross Stitch

I started this the year before last, intended as a Christmas gift for this Christmas. As you can see, that didn’t happen. I actually have two of these kits – one for each set of grandparents. Another must finish (time two if I don’t get too bored!).

UFO - Chickadee's - Cross Stitch

UFO – Chickadee’s – Cross Stitch

This I started in 2005/2006 I believe. It was intended as a Christmas gift for an aunt who loved birds at the time, but she no longer does, so I guess I lost my motivation. I do want to finish it because I think the colors are just beautiful. Perhaps frame it for my own house!

UFO - Tigger - Cross Stitch

UFO – Tigger – Cross Stitch

This was also a start from last year – I started this right after I finished Pooh and Eeyore, but I somehow miscounted(!!) and got frustrated and stuck it in a drawer. This will also be finished this year. I need to suck it up and go back and fix what I messed up!

I have a few other’s that I haven’t finished but one I cannot find anywhere – it was a birth sample – I believe it was called “Wild Things” or something to that effect. Three others I did find I have little to no intention of finishing. Maybe one (a pink Victorian house) – but not the others. They are stamped and I really hate stamped work (unless they are the baby blankets or bibs – somehow that isn’t so bad). No offense to the stamped cross stitch lovers – I just hate having white show through my x’s and the overall look isn’t as detailed as I enjoy.

This year I also plan on utilizing a new toy I bought – I got a Z Lap Frame (with Clamp) – which will hold Q-Snaps, stretcher bars or scroll frames. What! So, I’ve been a hoop user since day one. I have hoops coming out of everywhere! Plastic, wood, even old school metal ones. Adjustable screw types or the kid that have a spring and you have to fit it over the smaller hoop that has cork on the outside.

I’ve only learned about Q-Snaps this past year, and to tell the truth I wasn’t really interested until I found this Lap Frame. I DO have another lap frame – I think it is this lap frame – but I spent a little bit more more than listed here. I just can’t figure out how to use it. I was a little disappointed. Plus, at the time most of my projects were ones that were much to small for that frame. So, anyway, with the Z Lap Frame, that problem should be solved. I also purchased 3 different sizes of Q-Snaps to start with, 11″ x 11″ being the largest they had in stock at the time. I’m so excited.

I also splurged on ONE new kit Snow Bear and Sleigh because it was a) on sale b) and I had a coupon and c) I’m an addict.

I really can’t buy any new kits (unless you know I go to the physical store and they are on sale and you know, it’s a once in a lifetime thing….) because I probably have over 100 kits I’ve collected over the last 15 years still untouched in their packages. Not to mentions the hundreds of bobbins of floss, fabric out my hoo-hah and patterns and books! Oy vey!

Anyway, off to finish this stamped bib!


  1. Very cute projects and I adore those chickadees. I hope you’ll finish them.

    • Yeah, I’m going to start with my oldest project first (may you days…) and then I think I may move to the chickadee’s second since I did get so far in that. I’m almost done with the first bib (just have the grass left), and I can’t wait to move on to something different for a bit before I round back and start the second bib.

  2. I had a large bunch of WIPs that I did in the 1980’s but put them away when I got a full-time job. When I first started selling on eBay, my WIPs was one of the first to be auctioned off. I regret it very much! My interest in cross stitching was rekindled after visiting a stitching shop in England.

    • Aw, that’s too bad 🙁 I really am jealous of the all the stitching enthusiasm overseas 🙁 I’d love to visit an English stitch shop.

      • Oh, me too! Our American shops really pale compared to shops overseas. If you ever have a chance to hop into Canada, they do have shops that *could* almost rival the English ones.

        • Oh, that is pretty cool to know! I’m in “upstate” NY (which isn’t as upstate as you would think) – and it’s probably a 5 hour drive from here. MY husband has been bugging me for years to take the trip into Canada. This may be a good reason to get that process started!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I always reply to comments but you have noreply-comment. I’m glad you joined the Turtle Trot too! It will feel great to get some stitching done on all those old UFOs from your teenage years! The first one on my list is one that I started in high school too. The Dimensions Gold Collection bird design is really beautiful. I bought Snow Bear and Sleigh too! It’s always good to use a coupon!


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