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on Feb 9, 2014 in Crafty, Cross Stitch, Kids, Life, Work | 0 comments

What a week! I am so overworked and far behind I haven’t had time to stitch in the last 5-6 days! Had some good news come in which has taken up most of my time for the past few days. And of course, like I mentioned last week I took on a bunch of projects and overbooked myself once again. Which is cool, since they are pretty cool projects! It’s snowing once again here. Wasn’t the foot we got on Thursday enough Had to get my twelve year old a new pair of boots today. I can’t believe he is a size 11! My husband is only a size 10.5 or 11. He’s going to be TALL. Poor kid. He had his Valentine’s Day dance on Friday and I got a text saying he was having an issue with his tooth about 30 minutes into it. So I go into the school and his tooth had fallen out! Poor kid. The rest of the family trudged across the street to eat dinner and about 20 minutes later I...

Woodland Sampler Progress

on Jan 30, 2014 in Crafty, Cross Stitch, Life, Quilting, Work | 2 comments

Boy, I started writing this Monday night but never posted. I am just going to start over since it was mostly nonsense anyway. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday! Yay! We didn’t really do much we worked all day and then when he got home he wanted to work on his taxes. After that I started on dinner which ended up being a multicultural feast, haha. Homemade chili cheese fries, potato and cheddar pierogies and flounder with onions, shallots, mushrooms and teriyaki sauce. Was too filling. I’ve been able to get in anywhere from 2-4 hours of stitching a night – and even though all that time has been invested it doesn’t look like I got too far haha. I ordered a replacement thread for the original white (bright white) for the snow – so instead of bright white I’m using the dmc light effects white that is a sparkly type of white. Anyway, since my last...

My first try on linen!

on Jan 25, 2014 in Crafty, Cross Stitch, Life | 3 comments

Ok, so I had been DYING to try my hand at stitching on linen. I couldn’t wait! Wednesday night I finnnallly got my chance. It was a little rocky… I was so nervous. I think I got about 40ish stitches down before I couldn’t stay away any longer. Thursday, I ended up pulling out all my stitches from the night before, and redoing it because I had stitches wrong in two places. I restitched 64 stitches. Last night I stitched a ton. Not sure how many stitches, but I got SO much done, and it looks AWESOME. Omg, I swear, I never want to use aida again (unless it’s a kit, lol). It does take a bit more concentration, buuuuut, the result…:   This is the beginning (January) block for the Woodland Sampler by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery onĀ 32 Count Vintage Country Mocha Belfast by Zweigart 2 over 2. This is probably going to be the brefiest post I’ve ever...

I am a moron

on Jan 22, 2014 in Crafty, Cross Stitch, Life, Sanity | 2 comments

I can not believe what I did last night. My Charlie Brown piece is almost done. I needed to do Snoopy’s nose and then the back stitching for the grass and black around the characters… And of course after I placed my lap frame on the floor to get a drink I managed to knock my drink over as soon as I placed it on the stand next to my couch and it splashed ALL OVER the white aida. I sprayed it with stainer removed and washed it on delicate. It looks like it shrunk a bit, but it’s hard to tell I have to iron it out and put it back in the frame to finish off the final touches, but I am devastated. This was the piece before my idiocy occurred: I honest just want to die thinking about it. My husband saw the piece sitting out drying this morning and very nicely asked me, ooooph what happened? On a happy note one of my packages arrived from 123stitch yesterday. My fabric for...

Meh, day.

on Jan 20, 2014 in Crafty, Cross Stitch, Life, Sanity, Turtle Trot, Work | 0 comments

I’m not having the best of days. I feel agitated and irritated by almost everything today. Not sure why. Perhaps it’s the change of weather. I can’t be tired, I slept long and well last night. I’m not under any particular amount of stress from work… Just one of them days I suppose. Worked on the project I mentioned for the new client for a bit yesterday. Came up with this: Worked on two of my projects last night. Snoopy/Charlie Brown and “Bless this Nest” and WIP/UFO I found when going through my stash. Bless this Net is a seriously complicated little kit. Lots of fractionals, color changes, and specialty stitches. I think it’s going to be gorgeous when finished though! So, on Snoopy – I finished his body and started Charlie’s head: And this just about where “Bless this Nest” was at when I started- well it only had...

January is so crazy

on Jan 19, 2014 in Crafty, Cross Stitch, Kids, Life, Turtle Trot, Work | 0 comments

Haven’t gotten much time to relax once again the past few days. Tuesday and Thursday were my oldest two kids birthdays, and then yesterday we had a combined birthday party for them, and their cousin, who’s birthday was Friday. It was nice. Aside from my brother and his fiance and their son and my parents it was just my family. No one wanted to travel after the nasty snow we had yesterday. And, of course it’s snowing like crazy again today. I made the kids a “camo” cake. I wish I remembered to take a picture of the finished product, but of course I never do… This is the best I got – the finished cake had bright purple icing with purple, black, green and white sprinkles and “Happy Birthday” written in chocolate icing: Still have my husband’s birthday on the 29th. It’s been a month packed with birthdays! Got a call...

Cross Stitch Parking Guide

on Jan 16, 2014 in Crafty, Cross Stitch | 0 comments

This is SO useful! Can’t wait to try this with my next large project!

Stitching Database, new start

on Jan 15, 2014 in Crafty, Cross Stitch, Kids, Life | 1 comment

So, in all my excitement of my son’s birthday and finishing off “May All Your Days”, I managed to get a ton of work done yesterday. Today though is a tad bit on the slow side. I have got to send out some emails, and check up on two “bugs” on some sites we are doing maintenance on to see if I can trouble shoot and fix. Tomorrow I’ve got a conference call for a new project kick off. Have two more projects starting by the end of the month as well. Hopefully I be able to budget my time correctly so I can have at least an hour or two each night to keep up on my new projects. AND, I also decided to go through my stash yesterday. I really wanted to kind of take note of what I have so I can decide on future projects – and also take inventory so I don’t purchase something I already have. So, my idea was to take photos of what I had so I could...


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